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The best in the industry, covering Auburn, Montgomery, and surrounding areas with a newly expanded service team in Auburn. A division of Bradley Plumbing and Heating, Inc., which has been around the Montgomery area since 1945!

Commercial HVAC Services & Maintenance

No matter the age, condition, location, or usage, we have you covered! We analyze your equipment and cater our services to what you need. From replacing filters on cooling equipment to checking belts and pulleys to cleaning condenser and evaporator coils, our expert team gets the job done.

Seasonal tune-ups and inspections

A seasonal tune-up should be done by a professional and Climate Service, Inc. is here to give you the utmost service. Seasonal tune-ups occur in early spring and early fall. During this tune-up, we will inspect your outdoor unit and internal system components, clean the condenser and evaporator coil, add lubricant where needed, and test equipment.

Unit/Equipment replacement

Whether it was installed by us or another company, we can help you. We can replace or repair equipment as well as upgrade to the latest model. For all of your HVAC systems, our expert team is able to assess the needs of your equipment and perform a stress-free replacement.

Additional Capabilities

Refrigeration, Electronic air filters, Energy recovery ventilation, Geothermal systems, Programmable thermostats, Seasonal tune-ups and inspections, Air purifier & scrubbers, Humidification, Ductless split, Rooftop units, Chillers

We partner with the best to deliver you the best. Climate Service, Inc. is a proud partner of Distech Controls. Distech yields innovative solutions for a higher-quality business environment. In partnering with Distech, we are able to provide your business with the comfort you deserve, achieving cost-effective sustainability and quality of life.

About Climate Service, Inc.

Your business is your bread and butter. And, no one wants soggy bread or frozen butter! Keeping employees and customers comfortable is our priority. With Climate Service, Inc., we bring comfort anywhere in any weather. Whether your building is a professional office setting, a medical facility, a government facility, a religious institution, a warehouse, or a factory, we’ve got you covered!

Climate Service, Inc. has been a trusted name in the Montgomery and Auburn area for years. Our reputation speaks of timely, competent service and support. We work with the utmost efficiency and professionalism at every phase of commercial growth and care.

We use the highest standard of expertise in safety in the products and techniques we employ for your business. At Climate Service, Inc., our people are highly trained, second to none. We only use quality products and systems, guaranteeing success in our work. We help you make the most energy-efficient decision while respecting your budget and timeline.

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