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Having a properly working HVAC system in your commercial building is crucial, especially when it comes to keeping occupants safe and healthy. While managing this system can often lead to an increased cost of energy bills, there are certain actions you can start taking to save. In a commercial building, there are many elements that should be taken into consideration when installing your system and scheduling routine maintenance. Working with a trustworthy company, like Climate Service, Inc., can help you avoid a long and stressful process if you run into problems. Start saving on power with your commercial HVAC system by using these tips.

Perform Energy Audits

Making sure that you have an energy auditor come by to inspect your commercial space will decrease the likelihood that you’ll run into a problem in the future. This inspector will be able to tell you whether or not your system is functioning properly or is in need of service. Additionally, they can let you know if your building has any energy-wasting components, like the position of furniture or the layout of the floor. Small adjustments like this could save you a surprising amount while keeping your space comfortable and functional.

Create Zones

Depending on the size and location of your commercial space, you may be able to adjust the settings in different rooms. Think about how much occupancy each area gets and whether or not it gets used often. If you have a large space with no windows, you’ll likely need to focus more energy there than you would in a small room with open doors. On top of this, if you have a new building with commercial heating and cooling systems, try to avoid using too much air in rooms that aren’t being used or will remain empty for some time. Lastly, keep your doors and windows closed when you have your system running.

Routine Maintenance

In order to keep your system functioning correctly at all times, you should ensure you’re scheduling regular maintenance with a reliable commercial HVAC service provider. Report problems right away so nothing spreads and causes more damage. Staying on top of maintenance will save you money on repairs by catching them early on. One of the simplest ways to save energy is by replacing filters, on average, once a month. This keeps your system from overworking when trying to push air through contaminants like dust and pollen. Having routine maintenance can save you up to 40% on your power bills!

Use Technology

Nowadays, technology has opened new doors for almost every industry and provided new ways to save. When trying to save on your power bill, consider installing a programmable thermostat that will let you monitor and control the usage of the system throughout your commercial space. This will help you focus the air in certain rooms rather than others and assist in creating zones. By also being able to analyze the amount you use, you’ll have the opportunity to make necessary adjustments and save more.

How We Can Help

At Climate Service, Inc., we offer a variety of HVAC services and repairs for your commercial building. With a knowledgeable team of qualified professionals, you’ll find help and support with whatever you may need. If you’re looking for ways to start saving on your power bills, come to us and we’ll provide you with routine maintenance along with our other favorable services. Contact us today to learn more and start saving on energy!